What to Expect

Step 1: Please verify the quote for accuracy. In the event you change the layout (after the initial bid) please note additional change order and material fees may apply.

Step 2: Should you decide to move forward with your fencing installation, we request a 40% deposit. Once your deposit is received we will place your project in our schedule rotation.

Step 3: We will provide your initial scheduling estimated timeframe and.do our best to accommodate scheduling projects in conjunction with the timeline you wish. Please be aware that delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control ie. weather, backordered specialty products, unfinished subcontracting work.

Step 4: A minimum of three (3) days prior to your installation we will conduct a locate for underground utilities in accordance with Washington State “call before you dig” laws and to ensure the safety of our employees. During this visit we request the homeowner’s presence to verify property lines, electricity & water access, and to secure any animals for this site visit. This is a good time to come up with a plan to contain any animals for when your installation begins.

Step 5: At the time of your installation, unless noted in your quote, we request all fence lines to be clear of debris that would impede the installation process.

Step 6: After your installation is complete our Quality Control Coordinator will verify that your installation aligns with our product and workmanship standards and then contact you to ensure your satisfaction with the final results. Only then would the final invoice be sent out. We kindly ask for any remaining balance to be remitted within 10 days after project completion.

Step 7: Please register your fence with the appropriate supplier to be eligible for the warranty.

We strive to exceed your expectations.
— Eagle Fence Team